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WowGive puts every charity on your mobile phone, so you can donate immediately at any time - but when you choose. Charity collectors can't call you, text you - or in anyway hassle you. We're also building a communication platform so charities can communicate with you through the app - but only if you choose to connect.

And even better news for the charities involved. Instead of paying for an army of street fundraisers and receiving a few pennies in the pound after the commissions have been paid - with WowGive there are no large commissions and no salaries to pay. Donations go straight from donor to donee with no middle man taking a large percentage. Isn't that a better way?

Now you can create your own fundraiser within the app and share it with friends.

We make it easier to give to those in need.

What WowGive does

Makes it easier and simpler to donate to charities

Create instant fundraisers for your charity events

No added charges or costs

Showcases some of the amazing work that is going on

Increases people's participation in the charity sector

Increases positive communication between good causes and the general public

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What's happening in WowGive?

Discover the amazing work going on in the UK and aroud the world as charities tell you their story. Follow their journeys as they strive to make the world a better place, every donation you give propelling them forward.

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What people are saying about WowGive

Naomi brenchley


Brilliant At last I can donate when and where I want. No hassle. Very easy.

Alison Townsend


This is really easy to navigate and use. Anonymous donations to any charities, and all local ones included. Definately the best way to give.

Google plop


For me personally this is a fantastic way of helping with very little effort . When I can afford to help I like to do it on the spot like when you see a homeless person and reach out , this is similar in that when I think of who I want to help I can just reach in my pocket and use the app.



Great new app for supporting/fundraising for UK charities . Finally, an app that simplifies the process of charity donations by mobile/tablet. Donors: Once registered it is really easy to make a one-off donation, set up regular giving or fundraise for the charity of your choice, whenever you want, where ever you are. Charities: Free to register, with no ongoing subsciption charge. Once signed up it is easy to add messages/photos to keep donors up to date with the latest developments. The share facility makes it easy to promote the charity's WowCode and encourage donors to download the app and donate. WowGIve is perfect for small charities to spread the word about what they do and encourage new donors. The Uphill Trust loves WowGIve :)



Intuitive and clear, we are very happy to be providing this reliable app to supporters of our charity.

Ian Brenchley


Brilliant Giving App Love the idea that finally there is a way of giving where the Whole amount goes to the charity without massive deductions for processing that donation. Will definately give it 5 stars tried and tested it. Will be sharing with all my friends 👍

Oliver Pechey




There are many wonderful charities in the UK doing fantastic work, helping people around the world and here on our doorstep who need help. Whether it's financial aid, medical assistance, counselling and advice, or specialist treatment; without these charities, our world, and our country would be in a much worse state. You may have personal experience of the good work that charities do, perhaps local hospices or charities fighting diseases. British charities are working in so many areas, fighting diseases such as cancer, protecting the environment and endangered animals, providing hospice care and counselling, helping those with mental illnesses, drug addiction, extreme poverty, starvation, malnutrition. They also improve the lives of people who didn't have the same advantages as us, by building schools, helping with education, providing clean water, food, medical supplies and providing counselling.

But it's becoming obvious that many people are frustrated and annoyed with being repeatedly approached in the street by charity fundraisers, or being cold-called at home. Ironically, this is an expensive way for charities to get donations as most of these fundraisers are paid hourly wages and earn commission based on how much they raise.

But let's face it - charities need our money if they are to continue their good work. So what do we do about it? Do we refuse to donate because some fundraising methods annoy us?

We believe there is a better way! Charities are good at helping people, but they shouldn't need to waste well-intentioned donations paying for expensive and annoying fundraising campaigns and shady marketing companies. So, we need to make it easier for charities to talk to us (without bugging us), and easier for us to donate to them - at our convenience, and when we want - not because we are being pestered.

No websites to visit - it's all on your phone!

Browse the app and find new great causes to support, or search for your favourites.

No form-filling on websites. No messy direct debits to set up.

Give anonymously if you prefer.

Create a fundraiser to raise money for your favourite cause.

Donate safely in the knowledge that no-one can pester you.

WowGive doesn't pass on your information to anyone unless you request it.

No call centers hassling you for more money.

Split your payment between multiple charities if you like - you're always in control.

WowGive can automate your donations, sending charities your regular donation every month.

Pause, stop, change donations anytime you like with the tap of a button - no awkward phonecalls.

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